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The Texas Association of Broadcast Educators (TABE) institutional annual fee is just $35; it includes faculty, staff, and students and provides the following benefits:

  • Conferences

  • Networking

  • Entry into the annual Creative Competition

  • Representation with the Texas Association of Broadcasters

  • Service opportunities as TABE officers

  • Access to member school academic program information

  • Adoption and development of new instructional methods

  • Student eligibility for Texas Broadcast Education Foundation scholarships

  • Access to TABE's content sharing network



The Texas Association of Broadcast Educators (TABE) is an academic branch of the Texas Association of Broadcasters. A TABE member sits on the TAB board, exchanging vital information with leaders in the Texas broadcasting industry, which employs many of our graduates.

We find it helps to meet with our peers on a regular basis to compare notes and share ideas; we support each other in providing the best possible education for students who plan careers in broadcasting or its many related fields.

TABE normally meets at a member institution in February each year, and again in August at the annual TAB conference in Austin.

While intended primarily for colleges and universities in Texas, adjacent state college and university faculty, as well as faculty in high school media programs, are also welcome to join as associate members.  In all cases, the school unit is the actual member of TABE.

If you would like information on upcoming events, please request information by following the link below.




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